Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expert Investigators

Our blockchain forensics expertise has played a crucial role in hundreds of cryptocurrency investigations and led to the recovery of millions of dollars



Cryptocurrency Investigations

Our investigators have conducted hundreds of cryptocurrency investigations and have a wide breadth of experience conducting some of the most well-known and high profile investigations to date.

Cryptocurrency Recovery

Our investigators provide critical intelligence and play an instrumental role that can lead to cryptocurrency recovery, and have played a critical role leading to the recoveries millions of dollars to date over the many cases engaged on.

Cryptocurrency Expert Witness

We are regularly asked and appointed to act as technical cryptocurrency experts before various courts. Paul Sibenik has testified in some of the most well-known cryptocurrency matters to date.

Blockchain Forensics

We are seasoned experts in the domain of blockchain forensics and analysis, which plays a critical role in many of our investigations, and allows us to provide critically important intelligence.


Certifications & Partners

Cryptoforensic Investigators is partnered with Chainalysis. All our investigators each individually maintain multiple Chainalysis certifications and accreditations, in addition to other certifications.

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