As adoption of cryptocurrency has grown, so too has the frequency in which it has come up in the context of divorce. The frequency in which sizeable amounts of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency assets isn’t properly disclosed during a divorce by one of the parties has increased considerably.

Cryptoforensic Investigators acts as a cryptocurrency expert in divorce matters for lawyers and their clients. We are often tasked with assessing if there is non-disclosed cryptocurrency assets in a divorce, as well as finding non-disclosed cryptocurrency assets if there are any. Our findings have uncovered millions of dollars of hidden or non-disclosed cryptocurrency assets in a lengthy list of cases. We have the expertise, tools, and knowledge that allow us to track cryptocurrency and perform applicable forensic analysis of cryptocurrency with ease.

We are very experienced conducting cryptocurrency investigations during divorce — our staff have conducted over 100 such investigations to date, either in a consulting capacity or expert capacity. Paul Sibenik has been called to testify in numerous divorce matters specific to cryptocurrency, and has drafted many expert reports and declarations throughout his case-work on such matters.