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About Cryptoforensic Investigators

Cryptoforensic Investigators is a team of seasoned blockchain forensics and investigative experts that track Bitcoin and cryptocurrency who have worked on hundreds of prominent cases.

Investigative work and actions taken by our investigators have, conservatively, played an instrumental role in leading to recovery of tens of millions of dollars of cryptocurrency. Our staff have also been appointed as expert witnesses across a range of high-profile cases.

A new company, but experienced team

Cryptoforensic Investigators was founded in 2023 comprising the most skilled and experienced investigators from CipherBlade (PA), and is led by Paul Sibenik.

Our Approach

Our investigators assess each inquiry individually on a case-by-case basis to determine the most effective and practical path forward.

Our Mission

We strive to mitigate cryptocurrency-related cybercrime through our investigative work, shedding light on the bad actors responsible, minimizing the extent to which they can profit from it, and helping victims to recover funds.

Our Values

Honest, upfront, blunt and to the point. Our investigators always try to give our clients and prospective clients an honest assessment of the situation based on their wealth of expertise.
Paul Sibenik

Paul Sibenik

Founder & CEO

Paul Sibenik is the CEO of Cryptoforensic Investigators and a seasoned and well-known blockchain investigations expert that has been working in the industry since 2018 to help combat cryptocurrency-related cybercrime. He maintains close connections with law enforcement professional around the world and is well-known and connected with an increasingly length list of prominent attorneys that work on cryptocurrency-related cases. He has personally worked on hundreds of cases in wide range of cryptocurrency-related niches. He has produced a lengthy list of expert reports and declarations, and has been called to testify as an expert witness on numerous occasions in various courts around the world.


Sasha Tomic

Sasha Tomic

Senior Investigator

Sasha has been working the industry since 2018, starting in AML specific to Crypto Asset Service providers, and has since specialized in blockchain investigations. Her main goals are to make a difference for the victims of cryptocurrency-related cybercrime and contribute to building a more open and secure blockchain community. She has worked on many cases ranging from pig butchering scams to NFT theft and SIM swaps, in addition to providing compliance services and educating victims of hacks and scams to help prevent future incidents. Her pet peeves are exchanges that engage in compliance theater or which are stingy on security. Sasha holds all Chainalysis certifications and a CAMS certification.

Josh Cooper-Duckett

Josh Cooper-Duckett

Director of investigations

Josh delved into the world of cryptocurrency as a passionate interest back in 2014, whilst also having an interest in tech and cybersecurity in general. From this hobby, he embarked on his professional journey in security at Deloitte in 2018. In this role, he served as a senior technical incident responder within the CIR team, effectively tackling incidents spanning from commonplace business email compromises to substantial-scale ransomware attacks.
In 2021, Josh redirected his focus to blockchain investigations, where he applied his expertise to diverse cases ranging from Phishing attacks, SIM swaps, and thefts orchestrated by state-sponsored threat actors. Building strong ties within law enforcement and across industry circles, he remains deeply connected to the evolving landscape.